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I was born in 1962 in Freguesia do Ó, São Paulo and lived in the same house until I married. My pathway into the art world was a lonely one being self taught. I incessantly drew and painted as a child, feeling immense pleasure doing so. I continued to dedicate my time by throwing myself wholeheartedly into this world, enjoying every moment, in total isolation, avoiding my friends. I was a recluse in my home, my world.

By my world I mean my internal self where at these moments I experienced art without being formally introduced to it. I found my purpose, creating in silence, solitude. Even during times of terrible anguish, experiencing difficult times in marriage. At these moments I could preserve myself as a human being.
My father died when I was eleven months old and in my teens I spent hours in the cemetery trying to fill a void, and I studied for 11 years in a college of nuns ... My mother was physically handicapped but mentally sharp but always in need of my help, in the financial and physical sense. So my life has always been taking care of my mom and daughters. My marriage was very difficult, rigid, strict, with no liberties at all so through my art I found happines, freedom and joy without being aware that I was doing art, but I did, and was doing it to live on, to give meaning to my life.


2018  Still Burning - Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade - São Paulo / SP

2017  Residencia Artística - Site Specific Galeria Espelho D'Agua - Lisbon / Portugal

2017  Magidson Fine Art: USA, Brazil, Europe, Management of artists and curators.

2014  Por um fio..ETERNIZADO - dconcept - São Paulo / SP

2011  FUNARTE Contemporary Art Award - São Paulo / SP

2007  500mts Gallery Instituto Pensarte - São Paulo / SP

1998  Valu Oria Gallery - São Paulo / SP

1994 São Paulo Cultural Center - São Paulo / SP

1993  Itaugaleria, Brasilia - DF


MAC - Contemporary Art Museum of São Paulo / SP

Vila Lobos Library - São Paulo / SP

SENAC - São Bernado do Campo / SP

National Library Foundation - “Claustro” Catalog - RJ

Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo / SP

Cultural Space Central Bank of Brazil, São Paulo / SP

MAM - Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo / SP

Del Barrio Museum, NY - NY

Rudolf Steiner Anthroposophical School - Hagen - Germany

Stift Keppel College - Siegen - Germany

MAC - Museum of Contemporary Art of Ceará

FUNARTE- National Salon Acquisition Award 1994

Museum of Contemporary Art: Casa das Onze Janelas Cultural Space

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